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Window blind safety

Window blind chains and cords can pose a considerable threat to children's safety in the home. At Charisma Blinds we support the Make it Safe Campaign, advocating window blind safety both at home and in public buildings. Based in Bangor, we are happy to travel to customers across North Down, Newtownards and the Ards area.

Make sure your window blinds are safe

At Charisma Blinds we offer a range of accessories to help make sure your blinds are as safe as possible.

  • Cord and chain tidies - These should be fixed securely and should work by keeping the blind cord taut, avoiding any hanging loops.
  • Chain-break connector - Breaks the cord or chain in two when pressure is applied to the chain, releasing it harmlessly.
  • Cleats - If you have a cleat to which the cord is made fast, make sure it is well out of reach of small hands and that it is secured safely every time you operate the blinds.
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With a little care, all accidents can be avoided!
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Window blind safety
Safe window blinds

Safe window blinds from Charisma Blinds, Bangor

At Charisma Blinds, we are dedicated to lowering the risk of accidents with looped cords.
Where appropriate, we are able to fit cordless blinds and shutters. For blinds where this design is not possible, our blinds incorporate chain-break connectors and breakaway tassels to prevent entanglement. The blinds are installed with your safety and the safety of your loved ones in mind, and we are always happy to offer advice on safety. Call us today at our showroom to find out more about accident prevention.
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Ensure your window blinds are safe both for you and your loved ones with blind safety advice from Charisma Blinds, Bangor.
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